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Distributed File System

Important Information on Distributed File System

Most people do not really know that a distributed file system is actually any file system which allows access to computer files from different hosts via the computer network. This file system, also known as network file system, allows multiple users to share storage resources and files between different computers. All these processes are possible with the help of some special protocols, which also assist people to restrict the access to specific files based on the protocol capabilities or special access lists. As the network file system is so useful, it has already gained immense popularity and many devotees.

Distributed File System

Distributed File System: Learn about Performance

The distributed file system needs to be measured in order to check its performance. Only through verifications, a user can see whether the file system is able to provide the expected results or not. One of the most common performance parameters is the time the system needs to satisfy different service requirements. In the conventional systems, this parameter is measured based on the time the system needs to access the disk and the time of CPU processing. However, the network file system has a distributed structure, which requires a delivering time to the server and delivering time, as a response, to the user. For every route, the system runs a special communication protocol.

Distributed File System and Simultaneously File Updates

A very important thing that anyone should know about the distributed file system is the fact that the concurrency control can easily become a problem whenever two or more persons intend to access the same files and get updates. Although the updates should not interfere between each other, sometimes the file system works on an added protocol, which might allow updates to influence their actions reciprocally.

Reasons for Implementing a Distributed File System

You should implement a distributed file system if:

  • the users who access files are sprinkled across one or more sites
  • different users request access to various targets
  • the server load can be improved through the redistribution of targets
  • you have websites for external or internal use
  • you intend to modify file locations or add file servers through the distributed file system.
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